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About the Founder

Mourdjana Batcha! 

Creator, Fashion Designer, CEO, Founder, M.J Queen Beauty & Fashion.

M.J Queen Beauty & Fashion was created in 2011, by Mourdjana Batcha, with a focus on designing impeccable, custom-made African clothes. With humble beginnings, she started in her home with very minimal means, but with a powerful vision. She was determined to, one day, successfully curate events that focus on bringing every individual a superior fashion shopping experience. It would prove to be a labor of love for Mourdjana. (MJ)

In 2017, she officially opened the doors to M.J Queen Beauty & Fashion, LLC servicing the fashion needs of women, men, and children in the Midwest, Omaha, Nebraska ( United States). M.J Queen Beauty & Fashion is located at the Village Shopping Center at 3032 North 90th Street. Omaha, NE. 

With the rapid growth, due to the high demands for African fashion modern wear, and to create a great shopping experience for customers, M.J Queen Beauty & Fashion was later expanded to a better and bigger space. It now offers bridal gowns, prom wear, men’s tuxedos, formal wear, and more—all handcrafted, and made with love. The shop is the go-to fashion boutique for people of all shapes, and sizes, to enhance their wardrobe for every occasion.

Our Mission, 
The Why?

We strive to transform as many people’s lives as we can by assisting them in redefining their day-to-day fashion choices. Creating custom-made garments for men, women, and children. One garment = one confidence at a time.

Our Company’s Values

are centered around the idea that 

“We just don’t design for our clients, we design with them every step of the way.” We understand that custom-designed garments can be an overwhelming, and emotional experience. So, working closely with our clients helps to establish a sense of trust, and also instills confidence in their decision-making. A happy client is A Win-Win on both ends

There’s no Coincidence in human’s fingerprints, and so do our upbringing, our shapes, our skin color, and our sizes. Our diversity makes us unique, the “Diversity in Beauty”

African Fabric

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